Pick your own food farm features

This section of our site we want to dedicate to picking your own food. Here we want to feature farms across the United States that enable customers to pick their own food. If you haven’t already started a garden and grown your own fruits and vegetables, start soon! It’s an amazing feeling growing a plant from seed and seeing it produce actual food to eat. Some would even call that a miracle! To us here at The Old Homestead Farm, it will always be just that.

There are many farms that help communities regain the sense of planting, growing food, and eating healthy. A great example are strawberry farms. Strawberries are such sweet and amazing fruits. They are also a lot easier to grow than you might think. In fact, we are growing some of them right now!

These strawberry farms allow people to come in and pick their own strawberries. How amazing is that?

There are also tons of benefits to visiting “pick your own farms” such as seeing beautiful nature, supporting local business and more often than not, getting great discount prices.

Do you own a farm where you provide a unique experience to customers? Or, do you have a story to share about picking your own food? We’d love to feature here! Please get in touch.