Where to find 3 Point Flail Mowers for sale

Favored by large property owners and estate conservators, flail mowers are the grass cutter of choice for a range of large-scale applications. From keeping highway greenery well-combed to maintaining a park’s flora growth and vegetation, these amazing machines are utilized to effectively enhance and trim enormous, grassy areas of varying plants and soil conditions. Known for its efficiency in handling more demanding embankments, slopes, and ditches, we’ve cropped up a guide on where to find the best 3 point flail mowers for sale.

Flail Mowers vs. 3 Point Flail Mowers

Preferred by maintenance professionals to help them deal with heavy grass and shrubbery, flail mowers are most useful when the situation requires you to deal with loose debris and tall grass. Although smaller options may be available, their ability to cut and shred all types of vegetation they run into on the ground makes them one of the most powerful agricultural equipment accessible. Boasting bladed rotors that can effortlessly shave and crush even the thickest of vegetations, these dynamic machines are highly revered for their efficiency that can rival the most expensive and well-known lawnmowers.

While flail mowers are crafted to cut with great power and accuracy from all angles possible, the 3 point variant is designed to easily attach to the 3-point hitch on your tractor, allowing you to proficiently mow down and get rid of pruning and crop residues, brambles, reeds, as well as thick and tough vegetation. Often armed with durable Y-shaped blades that can cut through anything they pass into tiny pieces, these incredibly powerful grasscutters can clear large surfaces way better than a standard lawnmower.

Although they offer some similarities, the primary difference between the 3-point flail mower and the standard alternative is the former’s ability to access hard-to-reach places as it can be positioned in various off-center positions while it is being conveniently towed behind a tractor. Since their flails can extend and cut in varying directions, the ability of flail mowers to work on inaccessible areas effortlessly and efficiently makes them a much better pick in clearing away vast vegetation compared to using the 3-point machinery option.

Take a look at a farmer testing out a new Titan 3-Point Offset flail mower:

Where to find Flail Mowers for sale?

Fairly uncommon yet highly useful, flail mowers are recommended by groundkeepers and landowners over the traditional reel and sickle mowers. They are available in established brick and mortar stores as well as online.

Websites such as Machine Finder and Machino offer pre-loved 3-point and standard flail mowers that can provide your land with a nice clean cut at an affordable price.

Here’s a quick look at some of your best options:

The Agril GL25 (Pre-loved)

Specially designed for cleaning orchards, roadsides, and wider areas, this remarkable pre-loved flail mower clears inclining and declining land surfaces with very little effort.

FL115B FARMMASTER 1.15m Flail Mower For Sale (New)

A dynamic, high-quality machine that features stable blades capable of high-speed cutting, this awesome greenery shredding machine operates with less noise yet produces efficient results. Equipped with a front steel safety flap that prevents pieces from being thrown out from its closed chamber, this incredible machine can handle ragged and loose crops without any problems.


Designed to help manage and make large areas of grass look good, flail mowers are the most effective alternative for nearly all of your grass cutting needs. Whether you are looking for a brand new unit or a well-maintained, pre-loved one, you will no doubt save yourself a lot of time and effort by simply making the right flail mower choice.

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