The Honda HRR216VKA self propelled mower ultimate guide

Choosing the lawn mower that best suits you requires some thought. It depends on the size of your yard, type of terrain, your technical know-how to keep the mower running for years, where to store it, and how much time and energy you can spend walking up and down the lawn.

The Honda HRR216VKA self-propelled lawn mower is one of the most reliable grass cutters ever introduced to garden enthusiasts. And though production is discontinued, this self-propelled machine from a well-known engine manufacturer not only mowed down lots of lawn and competitors.

In this article, we’ll share with you everything about this awesome machine. You’ll find out about its features, where and when it was made, troubleshooting, and all that makes the Honda HRR216VKA tick.

Why Should I Go For The Honda HRR216VKA?

As we all know by now, traditional lawn mowers are fuelled by sweat. Self-propelled mowers work by simply pressing a lever that comes as a bar or shifter, or sometimes attached to the handle, which causes the mower to lunge forward.

More applicable for flat lawns, most self-propelled mowers are gas-powered, though cordless electric models are currently available.

Aside from it being intricately designed for extreme comfort, here are more key features of the Honda HRR216VKA:

Twin Blade QuadraCut System

The state-of-the-art twin-blade cutting system produces the most even cut for a well-groomed lawn and the finest clippings that slide in well into the grass collector that quickly decomposes on your lawn.

Honda GCV160 Premium Residential Engine

Not only is this lawn mower’s engine powerful and reliable, but it is also environment-friendly, making you an earth-warrior as you battle against hordes of deviant grass. A top-notch Auto Choke System generates a mix of gas and air upon start-up, allowing the engine to start effortlessly.

Smart Drive Speed Control

This feature allows you to go from 0 to 4 mph by using just your fingers. The fully adjustable 5-speed setting puts your lawn mower’s speed and velocity in the palm of your green-thumbed hands.

3-in-1 Capability

Take care of 3 different lawn mowing tasks such as mulching, bagging, and discharging, using one robust and stable machine, eliminating the arduous chore of shuffling through several tools.

EZ Fold Handle

Adjust your mower’s height for added comfort and convenience during cuts and flip and fold for easy mower storage.

Flex The Honda HRR216VKA Specs

The list of choices for the best lawn mower is long. It is through the slightest difference on each mower’s technical specs that cements a decision.

Engine Brand: Honda GCV160

Displacement (cc): 160cc

Fuel capacity: 0.3 gal

Running on an output of about 5.5 horsepower, the 160cc engine of this mower has a maximum speed of 3,300 rpm and produces 7.1 to 8.4-foot-pounds of torque while gulping down fuel at a very minimal rate.

Drive System

Drive Type: Rear Wheel Drive

Transmission Type: Variable Speed Transmission

Speed Forward (min, max): 0 – 4.0 mph

Self-Propelled: Yes

Transmission Type: Variable Speed Transmission

Speed Forward (min, max): 0 – 4.0 mph

Wheel Height (front/rear): 8 inches / 8 inches

The rear-wheel-drive feature of the Honda HRR216VKA makes it extremely fuel-efficient, even with a relatively powerful engine. Its 8-inch front and rear tires give it more track, which is best for softer soil and uneven terrain.

Cutting Deck

Cutting Width: 21 inches

Cutting Deck Material: 16 gauge steel

Cutting Height (min-max): 1.125 – 4 inches

Cutting Height Steps: 6

Cutting Methods: Mulch / Bag / Discharge

A 16 gauge steel blade guarantees a clean and firm cut, keeping your yard groomed during the mowing season.


Starting System: Recoil

Although the Honda HRR216VKA uses the traditional starting method for lawn mowers, a specialized starting system is included for easy starts, even on cold mornings and after long storage.

Cutting Deck Equipment

Collector Type: Soft Bag

Collector Volume: 3.0 cubic ft

Handle Height Adjustment: Yes

Ball Bearing Wheels: Rear Wheels

This model is equipped with a durable soft bag that can handle up to 3 cubic ft. of grass for additional convenience.


Residential Warranty: 3 years

Commercial Warranty: 90 days

The lawn mower’s 4-Cycle engine carries at least a three-year warranty, hauling you through the terrible two’s for years of fresh and accurately trimmed grass, guaranteed.

Do you want more information on the specifications of this mower? You can find the manual for the HRR216VKA here:

Where Is The Honda HRR216VKA Lawn Mower Manufactured And What Year Was It Made?

Honda mowers are equipped with a GXV or GCV engine that completes its tasks at high performance while burning very little fuel and emitting very clean exhaust.

It’s manufactured in the company’s production line in the United States, Italy, France, Australia, and China, where they produce about 500 thousand lawn mowers a year. They then supply them to multiple countries around the world, particularly in North America and Europe.

Although Honda has its roots in Japan, local production of mowers started in the US in 1984 and then in France two years later, staying true to their mantra “making products where they are in demand.”

Until this day, the lawn mowers that the Japanese use are all imported from those two dense lawn mower user regions.

The Replacement: The Differences Between The Honda HRR216VKA and The HRR2169VKA

After years of standing as one of the leading lawn mower brands, the HRR216VKA hung its blades permanently. It was preceded by the Honda HRR2169VKA, which was very much like its predecessor with minimal alterations, making enthusiasts question the need for a new model.

Aside from the latest model having a larger grass catcher and a lower cutting height minimum, the mowers are practically twins, except that the older HRR216VKA possessed a blade brake.

What Air Filter Should I Use For My Honda HRR216VKA Lawn Mower?

As with any other engine, nothing beats the performance and durability of replacement parts manufactured by the same brand. The air filter slot for lawn mowers may come in a standard size, but for optimum performance, it’s best to go for the Honda Genuine OEM Harmony II HRR216.

You can do it in 4 easy steps:

  1. Disconnect the spark plug wire.
  2. Remove the air filter cover.
  3. Replace the air filter and re-install its cover.
  4. Reconnect the spark plug wires.

Replacing a dirty or damaged air filter averts the headache that dust, dirt, and debris may bring if they get to your carburetor and the internal parts of your mower’s engine. Not only will it induce better engine performance, but it will also prolong the life of your lawn’s best friend.

What Kind Of Oil Goes Best For A Honda HRR216VKA?

Another good thing about the Honda HRR216VKA is that there is nothing fancy about it. All it needs is regular 10W-30 motor oil, same as what certain automobiles use, and you’re good to mow. Remember to change the oil after 5 hours of operation for brand new mowers, and every 50 hours after.

How To Change The Engine Oil?

  1. Start your lawn mower’s engine and let it run for about 60 seconds.
  2. Disconnect the spark plugs.
  3. Drain the oil.
  4. Replace the oil filter when you feel that you need to.
  5. Refill the engine oil and close lid tightly.

What Are The Differences Between The Honda HRR216VYA And HRR216VKA?

Physically, you wouldn’t be able to tell one from the other, as we’ve mentioned before the difference lies in the most elaborate details. Features such as the Auto Choke System and even their engines are similar, but there are a few notable modifications:

Roto-Stop: Save yourself from repeatedly pulling on the starter rope as this feature allows you to keep the engine running while you go for a quick break.

Honda MicroCut Twin Blades: Bag and mulch better as you create finer clippings with this mower’s twin blades.

Clip Director: Easily switch from mulching, bagging, and discharging with this excellent add-on.

What Is The Biggest Problem Of The Honda HRR216VKA Lawn Mower?

As perfect as the Honda HRR216VKA may seem, sad to say, it isn’t. Accounts of starting difficulties have been reported, most of which were due to empty fuel tanks or stale gasoline, which is due to long storage periods. Another complaint that some users had was the excessive friction when attempting to make it go backward. Honda, though has been very helpful in finding a solution to this problem.

Here are a few more drawbacks to the HRR216VKA, most of which need only minor troubleshooting techniques:

  1. Power Cut During Cuts: Often caused by clogged blades or air filters.
  2. Excessive Vibration: Often, the result of a clogged mower deck or loose blades.
  3. Mowing And Bagging Baggage: Often induced by wet grass or the grass being too long.

How To Grease The Pinion Gears Of A Honda HRR216VKA?

Pinion gears are essential to activate the mower’s self-propel system. It is vital to keep them lubricated to avoid excessive damage. Here’s a guide on how to keep the gears greased:

  1. Make sure the engine has cooled off.
  2. Disconnect the spark plugs.
  3. Use a jack to lift the mower’s rear.
  4. Remove the wheels.
  5. Remove the washer to expose the pinion and apply grease.

Find out more and see a video about greasing the pinion gears here:

How To Change Or Replace The Drive Belt Of A Honda HRR216VKA Lawn Mower?

When the engine is running but the mower won’t self-propel, then it may be time to replace the drive belt. Here are some tips on how:

  1. This is best done when there is very little or no more fuel in the gas tank, as you would have to tilt your mower on its side.
  2. Unthread the bolts and remove the shroud.
  3. Remove the guard and unhook the old belt.

How To Clean The Carburetor Of Your Honda HRR216VKA?

If your mower chokes while it’s on idle or when it’s running roughly, then slime and debris must have taken over your carburetor. Here are a few carburetor maintenance tips:

  1. Clean carburetor body with carburetor cleaner and compressed air.
  2. Replace damaged parts.
  3. Remove and clean set bolt, chambers, pins, and valves.


Self-propelled lawn mowers take the work out of this common household chore. With user-friendly features, the Honda HRR216VKA shaved the competition during its heyday, making mowing lawns a walk in the park.

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