Quick and easy guide to starting a riding lawn mower

Nothing wipes out the excitement of tending the yard on a beautiful morning than a faulty riding lawn mower. Sure, you may have the best grass cutter in the neighborhood, but you can’t get cutting if you can’t get it running. And believe me, it’s more than just a flip of a switch or a turn of a key. Here is a quick and easy guide to starting a riding mower.

Unless the grass in your lawn is on steroids, there is no way you’ll be riding your lawn mower every day. Twice a month maybe, or the most would be once a week, so it would be best for you to perform these tests first before you run the engine.

Basic tips to keep in mind

1. Troubleshooting

Fine-tuning your mower doesn’t necessarily have to be done only when trouble arises. It is very important to keep your machine on its best condition for non-stop optimum performance.

  • Check the batteries
  • Examine the solenoid or starter switch

It’s best to have a few tricks up your sleeve since these tasks don’t really require the help of a professional. This video will teach you how:

2. Check your oil and fuel levels

Running your machine with a very low oil level may cause the engine to take a beating. Running your mower with a very low fuel level may cause it to stall. Failing to supply it with the right amount of lubrication can lead to catastrophic damage. Here’s how to check your oil:

3. Safety first

Riding lawn mowers come with a built-in safety switch. Earlier models require you to simply flip it off, while the latest designs require you to simply sit firmly. Engines of riding mowers these days are programmed to automatically switch off at the first sign of a rider’s weightlessness.

How to start your riding lawn mower, step by step

Riding mowers may need a few seconds to warm-up, especially if it has been stored for a long period before the engine actually starts. Allow the fuel to course through your engine, smearing even small spare parts such as the spark plugs. Give it a few extra cranks and it will be puffing and chugging in no time.

Here are the steps to follow to get is started smoothly:

  1. Firmly and safely take your seat on the machine.
  2. Press the brake/clutch lever using your left foot.
  3. Set your mower’s gear shift to neutral or “N.”
  4. Remove the machine’s parking brake by using its knob usually placed on the right side of the mower.
  5. Set the mower’s throttle lever to your preference.
  6. Insert and turn the ignition key until it starts up.
  7. Adjust the throttle higher to ensure that the engine is warm and ready.

Riding lawn mowers cover more ground in less time. They are more durable and reliable to get rid of the greens in a much bigger yard. Starting a one may not just be a turn of a key, but with these few easy steps, it’s as simple as ABC.

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