This year's varieties:

Early:               Earliglow, Galetta, Jewel

Middle:            Rubicon, Sonata, May Flower, Jewel                          Late:                 Malwina, Valley Sunset 

See descriptions here:

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In August, and September, our fields of flowers are at the peak of their beauty. During these months we welcome everyone to come and cut and design their own bouquets.  When things are blooming, the fields are open to the public Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm. Flowers are 50 cents per stem. We recommend bringing a bucket and clippers but if you don't we can provide both, and when you're finished we'll wrap your bouquet in newspaper for safe transport to your home. See photos below for some examples of the flowers and fillers we typically grow. Call (717)669-1636 before coming to make sure there are plenty to pick that day. Check out our feature in Lancaster Newspaper

Strawberries are the best treat to help usher in the summer. We planted extra strawberries in fresh patches this year due to last year's popularity. So for the first few weeks of June there is always something ripe and ready to pick. There are big juicy ones, small melty ones and everything in between. Picking strawberries is a special treat for kids and grown-ups alike. There's nothing quite like a sun-warmed berry plucked straight off the bush. Bring your own container or use the ones we provide (8 cents). Strawberries are $1.85lb when picking your own, which is about a 20%-30% discount from retail.

Done for 2017
Monday to Saturday
8am to 6pm
Please check in and have your containers weighed at our main building (see map below)
​361 Hartman Bridge Road, Ronks, PA 17572