Lima Beans

Get a big pile of beans and grab some friends to help you shell. We wait all year for these tender little beans, then we freeze a bunch so we're never without. Available August through October, with September being the biggest harvest month


Fourth of July means summer and blueberries. The bushes are heavy with berries from the last week in June through mid July.



These juicy gems start ripening during the last few weeks of May. Their plants bear fruit through most of June.

Old Homestead Farm Stand
Fruits, veggies, and flowers available within hours of being picked

Open :  May to November
                    Monday to Saturday
    8am to 6pm


361 Hartman Bridge Road, Ronks, PA 17572


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Fresh shell peas are available throughout the month of June. Get a whole bushel and we'll shell them for free. Great for freezing.

Celery Hearts

When everything else stops growing, celery is just beginning to ripen. Sweet white celery hearts keep us going from November to February.


Our orchard offers us several varieties of peaches from July through September. A plump juicy peach is an ideal snack on a hot summer day.


Sweet Corn

Summer has arrived when sweet corn is in. There is nothing like it, and fortunately it grows in Lancaster from the Fourth of July through Halloween.