How it works
CSA, or community supported agriculture, promotes a direct relationship between the farmer and the consumer. You the consumer, in the spring, buy a share of the coming summer's harvest, which is picked up or delivered weekly throughout the agreed upon period. Your share will include 6-10 different types of fruits and vegetables weekly, and the variety will depend on what is being harvested at the time. See pictures below for an idea of what items are harvested each week throughout the season. Remember, working with living plants and unpredictable weather occasionally creates challenges that the farmer and shareholder agree to face together. By the same token, when the harvest is bountiful, both sides reap the rewards.

 Why Join?
There are many  benefits to both sides of the CSA relationship. We, the farmers, receive the payment for the shares at the beginning of the season and can use that capital for the initial costs of planting and growing the crops. Plus, we have a guaranteed market for that food after it's been harvested. Benefits to the consumer include eating food picked at the peak of freshness and knowing exactly where it comes from, learning to use a different variety of ingredients each week, and learning to eat with the seasons and appreciate what the earth offers us according to nature's calendar. Additionally, by supporting your community farmer, you're keeping your food dollar local. In your box you will also receive seasonal recipe ideas as well as a newsletter with updates about our farm and family. This allows us to share with our members the ins and outs of growing on our particular farm, because we believe it is important to know how and from where your food comes to be.

How much food will I get each week? 
The full share option provides over $30 worth of produce per week
The partial share option provides over $15 worth of produce per week

Where do I pick up my share?

Here are your options​:
Malvern Farmers Market - pick up
Saturdays 9:00 am to 1:00 pm - BURKE PARK, Roberts Road and South Warren Ave, Malvern, PA 19355

On Farm - pick up 
Tuesday 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm ​  OR   Saturday 8:30 am to 11 am - OHF FARM STAND, 361 Hartman Bridge Road, Ronks, PA 17572 

Lancaster area workplace - delivery
We deliver your share to your workplace Tuesday afternoon (minimum of five people per location must register) 

What if I don't like something I receive in my box?
No problem! For Malvern and on-farm pick ups, if you find things in your box you don't like, you are free to swap them with any item of produce from the stand, based on our value system. There will always be a wide variety of things to choose from so you'll have lots of options

I'll be out of town for several weeks this summer, what happens to my missed shares?
Any time you are unable to pick up your box, you can give your share away to a neighbor or friend, and have them pick it up, we just need a heads up the week before. You may also double your share another week to make up for the missed week. We also allow you to plan ahead to receive your extra shares on a specific week, for example if you want to can peaches in August, you could use your roll-over shares to get a half bushel of peaches along with your regular weekly share. 

Our CSA may not be right for you if...

​1. You and your family don't like sweet corn

2. You hate tomatoes

3. You're not a fan of lettuce

 These things will show up in your shares week after week. 






When the sun rises, I go to work.                         When the sun goes down I take my rest...                I farm the soil which yields my food, I share creation. Kings can do no more.          ~traditional proverb

FULL Fall Share

7 weeks; Oct 3 - Nov 14


FALL Week 7 - Full share

FALL Week 6 - Half share

Week 20 - Full Share

Week 19 - Half Share

Week 17 - Half Share

Week 12 - Half Share

Week 6 - Full Share

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FALL Week 10 - not pictured, get the idea

FALL Week 4 - Full share

FALL Week 3 - Half Share

Week 15 - Full Share

Week 14 - Half Share

Week 14 - Full Share

Week 11 - Full Share

Week 7 - Full Share

Week 2 - Full Share

Week 3 - Half Share


FULL All Season Share

26 weeks; May 24 - Nov 15


HALF Summer Share

Good for family of one or two

18 weeks; May 30 - Sept 26


HALF All Season Share

26 weeks; May 24 - Nov 15


FULL Summer Share

Good for family of four

18 weeks; May 30 - Sept 26


HALF Fall Share

7 weeks; Oct 3 - Nov 14


FALL Week 6 - Full share

FALL Week 5 - Half share

Week 17 - Full Share

Week 16 - Half Share

Week 11 - Half Share

Week 8 - Half Share

Week 8 - Full Share

Week 4 - Full Share

Here's what last year's looked like ...

Week 3 - Full Share

See pics of last year's

FALL Week 5 - Full share

FALL Week 4 - Half share

Week 16 - Full Share

Week 15 - Half Share

Week 12 - Full Share

Week 5 - Half Share

Week 1 - Full Share

 weekly shares below

FALL Week 8 - Full share

FALL Week 7 - Half share

FALL Week 1 - Full Share

Week 20 - Half Share

Week 18 - Full Share

Week 13 - Full Share

Week 9 - Half Share

Week 5 - Full Share

Share Options


FALL Week 9 - Half share

FALL Week 9 - Full share

FALL Week 2 - Full Share

FALL Week 1 - Half Share

Week 18 - Half Share

Week 13 - Half Share

Week 10 - Full Share

Week 7 - Half Share


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FALL Week 3 - Full share

FALL Week 2 - Half Share

Week 19 - Full Share

Week 10 - Half Share

Week 9 - Full Share

Week 6 - Half Share